bri heu

Abraham Label Work

Abraham Label is a Brooklyn-based unisex clothing label that prides itself on sustainability and is made in the USA. Since fall 2016, I've produced various projects for Abraham Label including several photoshoots and an e-commerce website.


E-Commerce Website 

Produced and contributed to content strategy to the Abraham Label e-commerce site. Responsibilities included writing the project proposal, managing timelines, setting up meetings, and ensuring project completion. 

Abraham Label Website

Designer: David W. Johanson
Developer: Dana Kim


AW Lookbook Photoshoot 2018

Managed production for the AW 2018 lookbook including everything from casting and location scouting to managing the shoot day-of. 

Models: Paulena Lynch and Nico Geyer
Photography: Chloe Horseman
Hair & Make-up: Juliet Jane
Stylist: Brittany Asam

SS Social Photoshoot 2018

To promote the Spring/Summer 2018 collection on social media, I was tasked with featuring the collection on a diverse group of real-life models. I led everything from location scouting, planning, coordination, and casting models through Instagram.

Models: Isabella Lelonde, KT Pe Benito, Emilio Poppe, Jack Meriwether, Preston Thompson, Kitty Capellan
Photography: Tavish Timothy

AW Social Photoshoot 2016

Produced and styled content for social content in support of the AW 2016.

Models: Tavish Timothy, Emily Bryngelson, Molly Cinoman
Photography: Dana Kim