During my senior semester, fellow BSc student Quinn Wilson and I completed an exhibition explaining the Entrepreneurial Studies program entitled Visual + Verbal. With ES Chair Jerry Allan as our mentor, we used the whole semester to start and finish this project. 

The purpose of this show was to explain the ES program in a simple, yet humorous way. Wilson was in charge of the art direction and graphic design while I was the project manager; We both collaborated on the overall creative direction and writing. 

V+V was set in the three alcoves on the third floor of MCAD’s main building. We referenced the description of the ES program on MCAD’s website to drive the exhibition, and divided the exhibition in three separate rooms: Real Clients, Real Projects, and Real World. 

Each room was painted a different color to relate to the subject of each room.

Real Clients consisted of three videos. On one wall, we played around with the idea of real clients vs. fake clients by having a video with a mannequin in a suit next to a real man in a suit. On the opposite wall, we had a stock video to represent a client with a rolling list on top of a handful of all the clients students have worked with in ES classes. The wall in the back was green to reference the value of sustainability through all our projects. 


Real Projects contained everything a project needs from team roles to the creative deck to the creative brief as well as a highlight on the new ES blog. We pinned images of students working as literal sports teams on the wall. Opposite the wall held a how-to guide for making a creative brief and making a final deck. These guides were meant to explain to outsiders what we do. The wall was orange to showcase the chaos of working on a team. 

Real World held how ES students are prepared for the real world now. We showcased five students, including ourselves, that have started working in the real world, some having even started their own businesses. Across the room held business cards to show case students’ professionalism and stock-like images of students dressed as professionals. We wanted to poke fun at what looking professional is really like. This wall was blue to correlate with professionalism. 

We wanted to make sure this was an ES produced function so we enlisted ES students to photograph, film, and model. We enlisted Kyle Lieberman to photograph and film. Ana Sofia Gomez, Nolan Mao, Kayleigh Baker, and Christian Sundquist were our models in all photos. We thought it was important to show the diversity within our skill sets as well as the diversity of the students.

The show was open from April 17th-21st 2015.

Project Management, Strategy, Copywriting